Candy Love Sweetie

Hello! I am new here so it will take me a while to get my tumblr to look as snazzy as yours. ;) My name is Indigo, This is my personal blogging area~ I put what I like on it, and sometimes my friend will post something on here as well. I will also post photography of myself and things around me. And I re-blog things that I love. If you dont like what I post on here, dont look! :D *covers your eyes*~ :o Most of what I reblog and post on here is just here so I can find it later, Its not meant for anyone to freak out over. I also will post things on here for my friend~And if you happen to enjoy my random posts, then thats good! :) I like having followers, and following nice tumblr's~
onetoomanyotps asked: So I just happened to stumble upon your blog while I was going through the gothic lolita tag and I just have to say you are so gorgeous! I love your hair and your style :3 Sorry if I creeped you out xD


Not at all, Thanks I’m glad you noticed me out of all the other uber pretty gothic lolitas! xD 

mycrackedipod asked: Love ur hair!!!!! <3


Thank you so much!~ ^-^ 

Anonymous asked: Are you single? :3c


Its complicated. -.-

Lolli was photo bombing…

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